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A Shrine to Diana, the Lunar Cat


There are so FEW stories about Diana (and even FEWER of her as a human) that I just had to do something!  So I thought Iíd make a whole little saga of stories about her.  I have little knowledge of the manga, most of it comes from the anime, but thatís why itís called Fan Fiction.  Please donít flame me if you think I did a dreadful job on this.  If you have a serious problem, simply email me and NICELY critic me.  As I learn more about Diana and her role in the Sailor Moon universe, Iíll be able to revise more and in general, do more.


I am currently looking for fellow fan fiction writers to provide me with stories centering around Diana.  They may be based on anime or manga.  Simply follow the guidelines below if you wish to contribute.  Fan art is also welcome.


Guidelines for Submitting fan fiction

1: It MUST be centered around Diana.  In other words, the story is focused on her and she is the protagonist (main character)

2:  No hentai is permitted no matter what.  There are many reasons; I'm not into it, free page servers rarely permit that sort of thing and the most important- this site is safe for children (of all ages)

3:  You must give your story a rating; G, PG, PG 13/15, R.  I also reserve the right to give your story a higher rating if I feel it's needed.  If you forget to rate it, don't worry, I'll rate it for you.  

4:  Please proof read your stories and format it correctly.  Most computers have some sort of grammar/spell check so please use it.  I prefer stories to be either in Microsoft Word or Front Page 2000, but I will accept Notepad.  

5:  When sending me your stories, title the subject of the email like this: Diana Fan Fiction, Title of story, chapter/part number, rating.  If you don't, it will be less easy for me to know that it's a story (Note!  If you're sending art work, send as a .gif or .jpeg and merely label it Diana Fan Art)

6:  After reading all this and getting the courage (we've all been there!) to send it, email me at  Your story should be up with a couple of days and I will email you to let you know.