Sailor Sun Prologue

Death of the Moon Kingdom



Aria looked about as the Moon Kingdom was destroyed. She felt pity for all those who had lived there. They had never known the joy that she and her people had living on the Sun. Her mother, the graceful queen, had grown up on the Moon, but in her heart, she was one with the Sun.

Aria turned away from the golden mirror that allowed her to watch her mother's people.  She sighed as she walked towards the open window; her blue eyes filled with tears as she wondered what would happen now.  Her mother was still linked to her sister through the bond they had shared as children.  Now that she could no longer 'feel' her sister, would Serene lose her mind?  Would the gentleness she knew vanish?

She wanted to take away her mother's pain.  She ran her fingers through her long orangish-brown hair.  She deftly pulled the long strands into a rather bizarre style; two buns with pigtails hanging down.  It was the traditional Royal Moon way and she wanted to honor the Moon.

"Mother... You will see your sister again..."


Aria watched as the children of the Moon were saved.  Serenity had sent them to Earth and its future.  She could see her cousin, the Moon Princess encased in a bubble on her way to her new life.

At least the children are safe... The Sun Princess went into the throne room and stopped when she saw her mother.  The queen of the Sun sat on her golden throne gazing at the golden mirror.  She too could see the children.


Serene raised tear filled blue eyes to gaze at her daughter's face.  "My sister is now at one with the Crystal..."

"She's dead?"  This angered the young girl even more. 

"When you are one with the Crystal, you never truly die." Serene sighed and rose.  "Your father will be returning soon.  There is nothing we can do except pray that Beryl and Metallica never escape."  The silver haired woman raised her arms above her head and called to the gods.  "Chronos... father of Time!  Protect my sister's child as she is reborn..."


Aria lay on her bed and cried softly for those lives that were lost to them forever.  She had never met her mother's sister nor her daughter.  But she felt a kinship for them none the less.

One day, you will be avenged.



To be continued